MIWenergía adapts photovoltaic self-consumption to turn residential buildings into proactive players

The Murcian company is participating in the PRECEPT European innovation project, which aims to lay the foundations for the deployment and operation of proactive residential buildings through the use of photovoltaic technology and self-consumption.


The European PRECEPT project and photovoltaic self-consumption

Within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program program includes the development of buildings that consume less fossil fuels and use energy resources more efficiently. From this perspective, it is under this perspective that PRECEPTan ambitious project whose objective is to lay the foundations for implementing and developing the operation of residential buildings as energy prosumers, through the use of technologies adapted to renewable energies.

This project aims to introduce a proactive and preventive energy management system in buildings by means of smart devices, capable of adapting, learning, repairing and optimizing themselves automatically. In addition, PRECEPT's approach will offer advanced data visualizations, using big data and visual analytics techniques that, together with a social collaboration platform, will allow users to exchange data that will improve the project's activity.

To maximize their potential impact, new sustainable business models will be developed to convert traditional reactive buildings into prosumer buildings that go beyond energy-related benefits and optimal cost analysis to include occupant well-being, safety and health.


PRECEPT in Spain

[vc_row][vc_column width='1/2′]MIWenergía participates in this project as a development partner of the Spanish pilot, which will implement PRECEPT technology in 20 residential homes in the JOVEN FUTURA neighborhood in the city of Murcia.
The main objective of the Murcian pilot is to generate an energy community based on collective photovoltaic self-consumption, 100% adapted to the specific needs of each user of the project. To achieve this milestone, energy management devices will be installed to help calculate energy consumption.

It should be taken into account that most of the residential buildings included in this project had no place to install any type of photovoltaic self-consumption, so MIWenergía has used its data analysis systems to find alternatives for the installation of photovoltaic panels. In this way, and without using the building's own spaces, the users of the project will receive the photovoltaic self-consumption service adjusted to the specific dimensioning of their real consumption, without any technical complication for them and benefiting from collective self-consumption proportionally adapted to the real consumption of their homes.

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Photovoltaic self-consumption: Technical specifications

The photovoltaic self-consumption installed in this project comprises 20 kW of power that will be distributed among the users depending on the specific needs of each home. In this project, as in all photovoltaic photovoltaic installation installation carried out by MIWenergía, the best brands that comply with the Bloomberg Tier I certificate will be used; maintaining a linear energy production of up to 80% for 25 years and a 10-year warranty on the materials.

The technological part provided by the PRECEPT project is supported by a "Plug&Play Building Management System (PP-BMS)", installed in the Edge-Enable Proactiveness (EEP) device of each house, capable of increasing its performance (in terms of energy efficiency and occupants' well-being), taking advantage of renewable energies, storage, artificial intelligence forecasts and energy tariffs.

In addition, a real-time digital representation of residential consumption will be included through the use of BIM 6D technology. Interaction with the grid will be securely supported (Hyperledger Fabric) through the decentralized EEP device, ensuring the correct implementation of demand management strategies.



New developments in collective photovoltaic self-consumption for the residential customer

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At the user level, a lot of progress has been made this year since the order allowing the variable distribution of energy generated by shared self-consumption installations for each hour of the year was launched in March for public consultation. With PRECEPT, we have gone a step further; thanks to the set of proposed solutions, the pilot participants will be offered the opportunity to improve their comfort and analyze the best energy possibilities at each time of the day.

From controlling the intensity of light in the rooms, controlling the temperature, turning on or off the air conditioning according to the time of day, or ensuring the necessary accumulation of hot water, among other examples. All this driven by the photovoltaic energy generated by the collective installation to be installed in the project. Establishing one more step in the race to transform residential buildings into active agents of change in future Smart Cities.



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