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What is an Energy Community?

An Energy Community is a legal entity that generates its own electricity from a local renewable energy source, with solar panels, on one or more rooftops. rooftops within a radius of 2 kilometers from the consumers consumers, in which they manage their energy themselves. Anyone can participate!

Take advantage of the environmental, economic or social benefits of belonging to a Local Energy Community.

Main Activities Local Energy Community

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Generate and consume energy directly from sustainable and sustainable and renewable sources.

Providing energy efficiency energy efficiency to the community.

Supply, consumption and active participation in the electricity market.

Provision of recharging services for electric vehicles or other energy services.ervices

Advantages of creating an energy community

Do you want to promote energy savings in your community?

Here are the advantages of this energy model that brings people together

Access to local renewable energy resources

They provide citizens with fair and easy access to local renewable energy resources.

Self-provision of energy needs

Users can take control and have greater responsibility for the self-provision of their energy needs.

Investment opportunities

For both citizens and local businesses, the community benefits economically.

Creation and development of income in the local community

Income is generated and stays in the local community itself, increasing the acceptance of local renewable energy development.

Facilitating the integration of renewable energy into the system

All this through demand management.

Environmental and social benefits

Creation of local employment, promotion of social cohesion and equity.

Here's how we help you create and manage your local energy community

We put our experience and knowledge at your service to help you create Energy Communities from start to finish.

Phase I: Establishment of CEL

Roof analysis

We studied where solar panels could be installed and the energy production capacity of each installation.

We advise the neighbors on everything related to their possible participation.

Providing guidance on the most appropriate legal form and bylaws to govern the CEL

Phase II: Start-up of the CEL

We ensure that the relevant subsidies are granted and their subsequent justification in case of success.

After the development of the project by our engineers, we will install the solar panels and take care of their maintenance.

We make available to the community an app to monitor the energy generated by the installation generated by the installation, the self-consumed and the demanded from the grid.

on the monthly electricity bill.

to the Community and to each of its members.

MY ENERGIA ONER will process your personal data to manage the registration. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability of data, of limitation and opposition to their processing, and not to be subject to decisions based solely on the automated processing of your data, where applicable, at dpomiwenergia@legitec.com. Read the privacy policy.

Case Study


First Energy Community in the Region of Murcia

Murcia joins the future of renewable energies thanks to the European Horizon Europe European Program Horizon Europe. The initiative implements in the neighborhood of Joven Futura, 24 solar panels and an innovative system that allows real-time monitoring of consumption to adjust and optimize it, spread over two buildings with more than 230 homes. Each solar panel has 450W, so the total installation in each of the buildings amounts to 10.8kWp.

Benefits of implementation

creating a local energy community

Our projects reach the media

"Murcia's Joven Futura neighborhood goes solar to cut 20% off its electricity bill".
"Neighborhoods drive energy communities to become self-sufficient."
"Region's first local energy community begins supplying renewables for self-consumption"
"MIWenergía: managing energy communities for a more just transition".
Ricardo Pérez de Zabalza: "Energy communities are key in the transition and at MIWenergía we support the consumer in the process".
"MIWenergía participates in the ACCEPT innovation project to maximize the efficiency and performance of renewable energy generated in energy communities."

Grants for Energy Communities


Find out more about grants from the IDAE, an organization that carries out dissemination and training activities, technical advice, development of specific programs and financing of projects for energy communities. We show you how to apply for IDAE grants.

News on Energy Communities

Stay up to date on the latest news about Energy Communities and start saving energy in your community of neighbors.

We offer you updated information in our blog. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Communities

To set up an energy community you must reach an agreement with the public or private organization, determine the covers, know the number of members, determine a budget for the CEL, create a business plan, design a web application to attract new members, among others. If you need more information, you can consult the section we provide above or contact us, we will answer all your questionsWe will solve all your doubts and help you to set up your energy community.

They are legal entities based on open and voluntary participation, autonomous and controlled by partners or members (individuals, SMEs or local authorities, including municipalities). They are located in the vicinity of renewable energy projects owned by these legal entities.


The primary purpose is to provide environmental, economic or social benefits to their partners or members or to the local areas where they operate.


Saving energy in a community of neighbors is possible. Contact us.

Through the installation of renewable energy (solar panels) on one or more roofs, neighbors located within a 500 meter radius and members of the community benefit from energy production for their own consumption, thus saving on their electricity bills, taking advantage of their own renewable resources managed democratically among the members themselves.

As of today, in our country, we have 33 energy communities. Data that is estimated to be growing as the months go by, since solar self-consumption has multiplied by 2.5 in Spain since 2018.