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What is an energy audit?

The energy audit is the mechanism on which a structured energy saving plan is based.

The energy audit involves gathering information, analysing, classifying, proposal of alternatives, quantification of savings and decision making.

We are an energy services company registered in the IDAE (The Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving) with certified personnel according to current regulations.

We advise you in terms of energy

Our Energy Auditors analyse your energy consumption, considering and quantifying the measures you can take to obtain important savings in your light bill.

1. Give us your bill

2. We study your case

An energy consultant will analyze your bill and tell you how to save.

3. Start saving!

Hiring your rate adjusted to your needs based on your consumption.

Send us your bill and we will analyse your expense

Do you want to know how much you could save on your electricity bill with MIWenergia? Complete the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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    We help you save on your electricity bills

    Our energy auditors analyze your energy consumption, considering and quantifying the appropriate savings measures. We help you save on your electricity bill.

    MIW+ web platform

    Discover our Energy Management Web Platform where you will be able to control your energy consumption and set your own alerts.

    You can benefit from the online Energy Manager MIW +, a very useful tool to advise and inform about your energy consumption. We help you save on your electricity bill