Welcome to MIWenergía

The energy company where you make the rules.

We saw the light at the end of the tunnel

Since 2013, we have been helping to make people's energy consumption as efficient as possible with a completely transparent service. 


We accompany consumers in optimizing their electricity bill, offering digital tools to decide for himself and a quality service where the customer is always at the center.


We want to contribute to the consumer being the owner of his own energy, helping him to make decisions through digitalization and maintaining an honest relationship with the customer.


We believe that savings are not incompatible with good customer service, at MIWenergía we want you not to overpay for what you don't need.

Your energy, your rules

At MIWenergía you set the rules.


We believe that all consumers deserve and have the ability to decide for themselves what they pay for, so offers all the energy services to reduce your electricity bill.

We offer energy efficiency

Through technological innovation, we offer information and recommendations for the energy efficiency of individual consumption, acting in an environmentally responsible way and reducing the amount of your bills.

The most honest energy service

We are clear, we believe that the consumer has the right and the ability to decide himself about his consumption and spending.

Our principles

Quality service




We realized that there was no electric company that provided the consumer with honest, quality service, so we created it.

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We improve the service of the big companies, getting you to save the most on your electricity bill.