UtilitEE project participants can now use the study application

Participants in the European UtilitEE project, which seeks to achieve the greatest savings in electricity bills by changing consumption habits, already have the platform with which they will begin to actively participate in the project.

Until now, the first phase of the project consisted of measuring the usual consumption and establishing the consumption habits of each participant in order to determine their potential savings. This monitoring has been carried out by installing a series of sensors that allow instantaneous knowledge of each user's consumption. In this second phase, with the application already available, users will be able to visualize the consumption data collected by the meter and will soon start to receive savings advice so that by following these recommendations they can reduce the energy costs of their home or office and thus save on their electricity bill.

The application is available for both residential users of the Joven Futura urbanization and commercial users of the Magalia Business Center and the Murcia Science Park. The platform allows us to see the current consumption of our home or premises, the history since the launch of the application and to compare ourselves with similar users. Through this platform we will receive saving recommendations and will be able to control the installed devices.

This pilot studywill end in September 2020, which will conclude with the results and conclusions that will determine the success of the project and the potential commercial possibilities that this type of technological solutions in the energy efficiency sector may have in the market.




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