Improving the accessibility of buildings through the AccesS project

AccesS project

Despite significant advances in the accessibility of public spaces, there is still a gap that makes it difficult for people with disabilities and the elderly to adapt. The implementation of digital tools is essential to eliminate this disparity in the population. The AccesS innovation project, in which MIWenergía participates in the Spanish pilot developed in Murcia, aims to improve the accessibility of several European buildings. Through the solution, barriers will be removed for all people, regardless of their abilities, while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Inclusive, accessible and sustainable buildings

The AccesS project, coordinated by CERTH, began in June 2024 with a budget of almost five million euros and involves 22 European partners. Over its three-year duration, six pilots will be carried out in cities in Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


The purpose of the project is to create environments with fewer barriers, allowing fluid mobility and equal access to building services and facilities for all people. Through the use of technology, energy, environmental and user comfort aspects will be optimized.


The solution will be applied in different types of buildings, cultural heritage buildings, care centers and public service buildings. Thus, numerous real-life situations will be addressed in order to maximize its impact for disabled users and elderly people.

Innovation to improve user experience

The methodology of the AccesS innovation project places the user at the center of everything, focusing on improving accessibility and social inclusion. To achieve this, various accessibility criteria will be defined and evaluated, such as physical accessibility, ease and comfort of use and safety of the space. This strategy is materialized through digital innovations, which will drive both the accessible design and the sustainable operation of the building.

Different technologies for project success

In order to meet the needs of users, various technologies will be implemented, including artificial intelligence.


On the one hand, data will be collected on the energy performance of building equipment, allowing the visualization of these metrics even in real time. Thanks to big data analysis and AI tools, the intelligence of the building will be increased, improving its performance.


In addition, with the intention of enhancing accessibility and comfort, a tool will be developed that will evaluate the design and operation of the buildings, thus drawing a series of conclusions on how to improve the infrastructure.


To improve the visitors' experience, technologies will provide relevant and contextualized information about the building in real time, facilitating mobility and micro-mobility. For example, they will know the status of the elevators and whether any accessible micro-mobility solutions are available.

The impact of the AccesS project on society

The implementation of the AccesS solution will generate a series of social, economic and technological benefits to the community.


It will mainly improve the accessibility of buildings for people with disabilities and the elderly, offering greater comfort to the entire population. In addition, the project will promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through mobility solutions, both on foot and by bicycle. The environment will also benefit from the AccesS solution by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings.

Veronicas market: The Spanish pilot

In recent years, the city of Murcia has focused on increasing accessibility in public spaces. Simultaneously, the MIMURCIA project strategy has been developing, which aims to build a smart, safe and inclusive city in the long term.


With the possibility of improving accessibility in Murcia, one of the European pilots is being implemented in the Veronicas Market building, known for its historic Plaza de Abastos. The City Council of Murcia, coordinator of the Murcia pilot, together with MIWenergía and CETEM, will be responsible for implementing the AccesS solution in the building.


The Veronicas Market is planned to be renovated from the perspective of accessibility and inclusion, improvements of the AccesS project that will be integrated and connected with the platforms and strategies of MIMURCIA.

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