Plataforma MIW+ Gestión Energética - MIWenergía
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Discover the MIW+ Platform

An online energy manager that shows your consumption, makes recommendations to save on your
bills and much more. Find out more!

Become a MIWenergía costumer and you will enjoy an innovative solution that will forever change the way you understand light.

Information at any time from any Mobile or Tablet device.

Continuous advice so you get savings on your electricity bill

A simple and intuitive solution

There is an online energy manager working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you

How can the MIW+ Energy Manager help you?

In addition to having a Web Platform that is accessible from any device, you will enjoy many other ADVANTAGES and benefits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

Geographically locate your supply points.

Check your bills in a simple way from any device.

Get detailed information about your consumption before receiving your bill.

Check your hourly consumption with the previous period of your choice.

Follow-up your monthly savings thanks to MIW+

Set personalised alerts to receive notifications for unwanted situations.

Access recommendations based on your rate. It shows you the savings by hiring hourly discrimination. Informs at all times of the optimal power to be contracted and warns you about possible penalties.

Get advise on the self-consumption photovoltaic installation that you need and information on investment, generated energy, annual savings and amortisation.

If you already have a instalación de photovoltaic self-consumption installation, access to your generated energy and your savings on bills at any time.

premios vivienda 2021 La Razon

Best Platform for Energy Management
in the Residential Sector

La Razón newspaper's Vivienda 2021 Awards