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Before reading this article, choose your solar energy and want to know your photovoltaic installation budgetyou should know the process of installing solar panels.


What is the solar panel installation process?


The installation process of panels solar panels consists of the following steps:


Budget for photovoltaic installation and solar power generation study


The first step in the installation of solar panels is to request your photovoltaic installation quote so that our team of experts can design personally and without any commitmentyour customized energy savings. To do this we need to know some data to adjust the offer as much as possible:


  1. Type of property where the self-consumption installation is to be carried out (single-family house, industry, community of neighbors, etc.).
  2. Specific location of the project in order to determine the specific conditions of the roof through the satellite, such as its dimensions, its orientation or the possible shadows cast, in order to know the energy generation potential of the roof.
  3. Electricity consumption: we only need an electricity bill or the CUPS code to know the annual energy consumption of the supply point, and estimate your energy needs.


With this information, we will let you know how your self-consumption installation should be to cover your energy needs without oversizing your installation, and how much you should invest. We will also give you an approximate calculation of the time in which you will be able to amortize your investment. If the offer seems attractive to you, our qualified technicians will visit the place where the installation is going to be carried out to check the viability of the installation.



Signing of the project and administrative formalities


If you decide accept the offer and decide to build your photovoltaic system, it is time to start the administrative process. Photovoltaic systems in Spain are legalized according to the provisions of the Royal Decree 244/2019. For a residential photovoltaic self-consumption installation, generally the procedures to be carried out will be:


Before starting the installation of the solar panels:


  • Building permit: the timeframe for this can vary greatly depending on your location, ranging from a single day to over a week in the worst cases.


After installing the self-consumption system:


  • Certificate of installation and/or completion of work
  • Registration of the low voltage electrical installation
  • Surplus sharing and compensation agreement
  • Processing of available subsidies, which can be carried out at any time, within the deadlines of each call.


*As additional information: The duration of the whole administrative process will vary depending on the autonomous community, being approximately between 1 and 2 months.


Start of installation


In MIWenergía we will start installing your solar panels, once we have the building permit. In most cases the time from the moment the budget is accepted to start the work, is less than a week. The installation can be completed in approximately 1 to 4 days.


Currently, there are different subsidies to invest in photovoltaic energy depending on the autonomous community where the installation is carried out.Contact us at!



What is the price of a solar panel installation?



The average price of a solar panel installation in an average house varies between 4000 and 6000 euros. It is important to remember that the cost is not the same for all cases. This cost will depend on the geographical location, the size of the installation, the type of roof, the quality and type of panels used, etc.


What is the price of solar panels?


To calculate the price of a photovoltaic installation, as indicated above, it is necessary to take into account the sizing and design of the installation with the particular characteristics of the work, and the various costs involved. The price of the solar panels will only serve as a guideline, since the total price of the installation will depend to a large extent on other factors and materials. In addition, only an expert will be able to advise you on how many solar panels are sufficient for your consumption, without oversizing the installation.


However, as a guideline, the price of a price of a monocrystalline solar panel monocrystalline, being the most modern and best quality ones currently in use, is approximately between 150 and 250 euros for 450-550Wp per unit.


 What is the lifetime of a solar panel?


The lifetime of solar panels from MIWenergía exceeds 25/30 years. 25/30 years with minimal maintenance, as we only offer high quality panels.


This does not mean that your solar panels will stop working after this period, but that their performance will progressively decrease.


As you have been able to see, there is no concrete answer to know an exact budget without a previous study of your home or business. In MIWenergía we are experts in solar energy and we offer you a budget adapted to you, but first we need to know your needs to offer you the best solutions.


If you want to tell us your idea and we will find together the best option. Contact us! We adapt to you.

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