Innovation Projects

Being involved in international R&D&I projects allows us to be at the forefront of energy technology to provide solutions to the consumer.



Flexibility based on Connected and interoperable Hybrid Storage System

The FlexCHESS project aims to revolutionize the current energy storage model by developing multi-level flexibility based on virtual surplus storage systems through hybrid systems.

Thus, this project aims to use flexibility to improve the stability of the Smart Grids in Europe, facilitating the integration of renewable energies and maximizing their profitability.


Local flexibility markets for small producers/consumers

The main objective of the Horizon Europe De-Risk project is to boost end-user participation in local flex markets by gaining a deep understanding of their needs, deploying a platform to assess and unlock the potential of flex in four case studies in Turkey, France, Ireland and Murcia.



Active communities and energy prosumers for the energy transition

ACCEPT aims to maximize the efficiency of renewable energy in energy communities so that all the energy generated can be harnessed, and stays within the energy community.



To this end, energy communities are offered full support in terms of tools and technology so that they can generate stable sources of income, guaranteeing the durability of the community.


Less Energy > Smarter Buildings

The PRECEPT project aims to lay the foundations for the deployment and operation of proactive residential buildings. With the help of the latest technological advances such as BIM, IoT, Big Data and the use of renewable energies, it seeks to reduce energy consumption and costs, achieving high efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

precept miwenergía


Making buildings smart to improve energy efficiency

PHOENIX aims to change the role of buildings from passive energy consumers to active agents that orchestrate and optimize their energy consumption, production and storage.


Its purpose is threefold: to increase energy efficiency, maximize occupant benefit and facilitate network operation.


Giving back control of personal data

DataVaults aims to offer a platform that integrates personal data from various sources and includes secure, reliable and privacy-preserving mechanisms that allow European citizens to make decisions about their digital data, adding value to them and monetizing them under the conditions set by the user. This project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program.



Improving the quality of life of seniors through technology

The Pharaon project seeks to research and develop a health platform with the objective of improving the quality of life of the aging population.


It is based on the collection of data on the patient's behavior within the home in order to develop an innovative tool for the prevention and control of the user's health without the need to change their residence.


Project completed in October 2022

Training of future sustainable energy experts

The GrEnFIn project will involve the creation of a comprehensive and innovative training program to provide the energy sector with experts who have the highest level of training in sustainable energy and current content. The program is aimed at both students and professionals in the sector. This European project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program.

grenfin miwenergía


Project completed in August 2022

End-to-end solution for Demand Response

The project aims to provide a technological framework that facilitates communication between the electric grid and users to achieve greater flexibility in energy demand from the electric grid and more competitive energy prices for the prosumer. The DRIMPAC project is part of the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Program.


Project completed in April 2021

Reduction of consumption through ICTs

The objective of the UtilitEE project is to analyze the energy savings that can be achieved through the use of ICTs, to implement new business models in electricity commercialization companies and to promote more efficient energy habits.

The UtilitEE project has enabled MIWenergía learn from the latest technological advances in order to offer a higher quality service to customers, placing the customer at the center.

utilitee project

Innovative SME

MIWenergía is accredited with the Innovative SME seal by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness thanks to its vocation to generate change to improve day-to-day life.

Industry 4.0 enabler.

Awarded by the Regional Ministry of Employment, Universities and Enterprise, for proven experience in the implementation and development of the different technologies included in Industry 4.0,


European Projects

Being involved in projects of the European Commission's "Horizon 2020" and "Horizon Europe" program is a recognition of the company's innovative work.