New energy management app for the PRECEPT project

new precept platform in which it participates MIWenergía

The European innovation project PRECEPT, which aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort of inhabitants in community buildings, has launched its new application that provides advanced data on energy consumption, among others, essential for Energy Communities.

PRECEPT Project: Proactive and predictive energy consumption in Communities

The PRECEPT project was launched in 2020, with a budget of around 6 million euros, in which 15 partners from different European countries have participated and which ends next March. During its four-year duration, five pilot tests have been carried out in different parts of Europe: Greece, Ukraine, Germany, Holland and Spain, which has been developed in the Region of Murcia, and has been coordinated by MIWenergía.


The objective of this project is to reduce the consumption of energy from non-renewable sources, increasing the efficiency of its energy resources, and converting residential buildings into proactive and predictive energy management spaces.


To this end, five energy community pilots have been developed to optimize energy consumption and the use of renewable generation through the control of certain equipment, such as air conditioning. This action has been carried out together with the implementation of intelligent devices capable of adapting, learning and optimizing themselves automatically, in equipment such as refrigerators, washing machines, hot water heaters or radiators, from which information on their energy demand is obtained.

The launch of the PRECEPT platform

As part of the project's objectives, an energy management and collaboration platform has been developed for project participants. PRECEPT's approach offers advanced data visualizations, using Big Data techniques and visual analysis that, together with a social collaboration platform, allows users to exchange information and consumption recommendations. In addition, the implementation of the platform manages to change the model in which neighboring communities relate to the agents that make up the electricity sector.


MIWenergía has already made it available completely free of charge to the volunteer users participating in the pilot in Murcia, as has been done in the various European pilots, which already enjoy the app available in both web and mobile versions through Google Play.


In it you can find the different collaborative or operational tools, accessible to each other.

Social collaboration platform

The collaboration platform is focused on the exchange and dissemination of ideas or experiences related to energy consumption that foster community spirit and help establish synergies within the neighborhood. An example of this is the content of tutorials on their installed IoT devices, events, or saving tips that they can carry out in their homes. Through the platform, users of the energy community can receive and share relevant information publicly in the community or privately.

Operating platform

In it, users can observe the consumption data of their own home, and receive alerts and advice for the optimization of their consumption. In addition, if there is an energy manager of the building or of the Energy Community, it will have more functionalities to optimize the overall consumption of the building. In a simple dashboard, both energy data of the building and weather conditions, which may affect the consumption or generation of energy, are presented. On the other hand, the user can obtain a historical view of the volume of energy consumed by each appliance in the home, or the flexibility of the building's or home's consumption. This data, obtained thanks to a comprehensive Plug&Play Building Management System (PP-BMS), allows the user to modify his consumption by taking advantage of renewable energies, storage, artificial intelligence forecasts and energy tariffs.

new precept platform in which it participates MIWenergía

PRECEPT in Spain

From MIWenergía we have been in charge of coordinating and executing the demonstration in Murcia, implementing PRECEPT technology in 20 homes in the Joven Futura neighborhood in the city of Murcia, developing an Energy Community pilot based on collective photovoltaic self-consumption. For this, we carried out the solar installation of 20 kWp on the rooftop of several buildings in order to distribute the energy production among the users according to the needs of each house.

Thus, this project lays the foundations for a new energy system, optimally implementing photovoltaic self-consumption in neighborhood communities, turning traditional consumers into energy prosumers.

photovoltaic installation in young future by MIWenergía
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