Mantenimiento Placas Solares: Cada cuánto hacerlo y más consejos

solar panels maintenance

Importance of solar panel maintenance

Photovoltaic installations are designed to have a long life, providing clean energy for approximately 30 years, lowering electricity bills for a long time. They are highly resistant, withstanding adverse weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, hail and strong winds. However, their production can be affected if periodic maintenance is not performed.


The cleaning of solar panels is one of the points of photovoltaic maintenance, since dirt hinders the incidence of sunlight on the modules, reducing the amount of energy that is perceived, and, therefore, lowering the production of electricity.


On the other hand, it is essential to have a technician visit the photovoltaic installation every year to check that there is no damage to the elements of the installation, thus verifying that both performance and safety are adequate.

How dirt influences performance

The performance of solar panels depends on several factors such as the type of panel, its orientation and inclination or the maintenance carried out. One of the main actions in the maintenance of solar panels is their periodic cleaning.


Depending on the degree of contamination, the plant's performance will decrease to a greater or lesser extent. Atmospheric contamination by dust or pollution can reduce the yield by about 5%. In the worst case, dirt from bird droppings can reduce performance by 30-50% by shading the solar panel.

Maintenance costs of photovoltaic systems

Although the cleaning of solar panels is something that can be done by the owner of the photovoltaic installation, it is preferable to delegate this task to experienced companies, such as MIWenergía. Because, as mentioned above, cleaning is only one part of the photovoltaic maintenance, there are other technical functions that should be handled by a company specialized in it.


The price of solar panel maintenance varies depending on the size of the installation, the location of the solar panels and the maintenance actions to be carried out, ranging between 150€ and 300€.


If the owner is in charge of the cleaning, the price of solar panel maintenance is reduced to practically 0€, as only water, soap and sponge are needed. However, for safety reasons the best option is to have experts who are equipped to clean and maintain the solar modules safely.

Solar panel cleaning process and how often to do it

Solar panels are normally cleaned once a year, although the frequency may vary depending on the climate where they are located. In dry climates with a lot of dirt or dust, high levels of pollution or a lot of birds, the panels will need to be cleaned more often to ensure optimal performance. In humid climates, where rain is frequent, it will be less necessary, since the natural rain itself can help to perform this task, without the need for manual cleaning.


Removing the dirt from the solar panels is not a complex process, using just a few products the performance of the photovoltaic system will be at its best again. These are the steps to make the solar modules as good as new:

1. Rinse the solar panels with the least calcified water possible.

2. Moisten a sponge with water and neutral soap and make zigzag movements while passing it over the solar panels.

Rinse the modules again with water, removing the foam and dirt, and dry the surface with a cloth that does not leave residues.


Abrasive products containing substances such as soda should not be used for cleaning, as they could damage the solar panels, and brushes with metal bristles should be avoided to prevent possible scratches on the surface of the panels.

Repair and care of solar panels

In addition to cleaning solar panels periodically, it is important to have the photovoltaic system technically checked by a professional. This ensures optimum performance and extends its useful life.


Checking the operation of the components of the installation sometimes goes unnoticed and is not given the importance it really has. It is essential to verify the operation of all the elements by checking all the wiring, connections, inverters, alarms, among others. And of course, make sure that the state of the modules is correct.


In MIWenergíawe take care of the maintenance of solar panels in a complete way, both the cleaning of modules and their technical inspection. Through preventive maintenance we avoid possible failures in the photovoltaic installation and with corrective maintenance we proceed to the replacement or repair of solar panels, if possible, and other components of the installation.

As mentioned above, photovoltaic maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal energy production. While this is a fundamental reason, it should not be forgotten that this care extends the life of the installation and improves its safety.

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