Los Centros de Negocios Magalia reducen en un 45% su factura de luz gracias al autoconsumo

Magalia case study

Magalia Business Centers, located in the western industrial area of San Ginés Murcia, are flexible work spaces that form an ideal environment for the performance of the work of its customers. A few years ago, they opted for photovoltaic energy as the best alternative to save on their electricity bill, relying on MIWenergía for the installation of their solar panels, saving around 45% of their electricity bill.


Sustainability, which is one of the values for which the center stands out, has also been another key factor in its commitment to solar energy, thus helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Magalia Business Centers, flexible work spaces

Companies from different sectors choose Magalia as a place to carry out their work. Professionals such as lawyers, consultants, freight forwarding companies and public works are located in the center because it provides them with a suitable and personalized environment, helping them to reach their maximum potential. For Magalia, the client is the most important thing, so they put it at the center of everything, adapting to their needs and facilitating their day to day. They become an extension of the companies by offering them services such as reception, administrative and accounting consultancy.

MIWenergía Magalia's support to take the leap to self-consumption

For the implementation of their solar self-consumption system in their two buildings, they counted on the services, from start to finish, of MIWenergía. Our team of experts in self-consumption was in charge of the advice, project study, processing of subsidies and execution of the work of both photovoltaic installations.

"They have been our trusted electricity supplier since the beginning. We knew we could count on their advice and expertise."

The start of consistent savings on your electricity bills

The idea of installing solar panels in Magalia became a reality due to the instability of electricity prices after the crisis of 2021, a time when adopting renewable energy sources has become a fundamental measure to alleviate energy costs in companies or individuals.

"We wanted to be more self-sufficient and not rely so much on the power grid, having greater stability in our energy costs."

solar panels magalia company

En marzo de 2022, dieron el salto a la energía solar con una instalación fotovoltaica de 40 kWp, llevada a cabo por MIWenergía, en su edificio principal de más de 5.000m2. Gracias a la instalación de paneles solares, han conseguido que el 41% de su consumo energético esté cubierto por la energía fotovoltaica, y, además, se beneficien de la compensación de la energía excedentaria con una tarifa de excedentes de autoconsumo. Este ahorro al autoconsumir su propia energía y compensar en su factura los excedentes de la que no consumen, se ha traducido, en casi 2 años, en un ahorro de 9.500€ aproximadamente.


In order to achieve further savings on their electricity bill, they installed a second 18kWp installation at the other Magalia center, again with MIWenergía . Through this photovoltaic installation, 42% of the energy they consume comes from their solar panels and, adding the savings from the compensation of surpluses in their electricity bill, they have managed to save an estimated €2,000 in one year.


In this way, thanks to the two photovoltaic installations totaling 58kW, they have achieved a reduction in their electricity bills by approximately 45%.

Magalia driving sustainability

Magalia Business Center

The use of renewable energy sources is the best alternative in the fight against climate change while saving on electricity bills.


Magalia, through the two solar systems, significantly reduces its carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 55,310 kg per year, which is equivalent to planting 77 trees annually.

The subsidy to reduce the cost of the investment

The MIWenergía team took care of all the bureaucratic procedures to apply for the grants available at the time, one of which has already been granted to Magalia.

"We are very happy with the advice we received and the agility of the execution of both installations, they also helped us to process the grant application which has helped us to reduce the investment of the installation."

Thanks to the "Next Generation" grant awarded to them, the business center has reduced the investment in one of the photovoltaic installations by 35%.


This aid contributes to reduce the amortization period of the photovoltaic installation investment, being only 3 years. As for the 18 kWp photovoltaic installation, they are awaiting its resolution, although in the event that it is not granted, it would be amortized in only 5 years.




The Magalia Business Center is a clear example of the economic and environmental advantages of installing solar panels in any type of business, while at the same time contributing to building a sustainable future, andat MIWenergía we are proud to have been part of this solar revolution.

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