2nd best score in Spain for the Energy Communities grant

Local Energy Communities grant

The Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) has granted the Region of Murcia a 217,638‚ā¨ subsidy to Local Energy Communities of Murcia(CELM), thanks to the proposal and application prepared by MIWenerg√≠a.

Through the aid obtained, CELM will encourage the installation of solar energy solar energy y electric vehicle recharging points in several Murcian municipalities, promoting renewable energy sources in the Region.

The second best project in Spain

In order to achieve the second best score in Spain for the Local Energy Communities grant, the role of MIWenergía in the development of the documentation. Our team of engineers specialized in innovation projects was in charge of processing the IDAE grant, as well as the development of the technical project and the strategic plan, among other aspects.


Thanks to its experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, the project was placed in second position. Another notable milestone in the awarding of this grant is that of the 63 applications accepted, the only project approved in the Region of Murcia was that of CELM.


The training of our team was instrumental in differentiating the project from other grant applications. The high position obtained in the project not only supports the technical excellence of the initiative, but also indicates the commitment and dedication of MIWenergía towards sustainable solutions in the energy sector.


With the CELM proposal, MIWenergía adds another project focused on the development of Local Energy Communities, achieving that the participants see a considerable reduction in their energy costs.

The Energy Communities grant that will boost sustainability

The organization will develop four photovoltaic installations in different locations in the municipality of Murcia, the beneficiaries being Torreag√ľera, San Gin√©s, Joven Futura and Guadalupe. The total of the installations will generate 273 kWp that will benefit households, SMEs and local entities.


In addition to the economic savings for the members, these solar installations will produce 438 MWh of clean energy per year, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 70,000 kg annually.


The subsidy for Local Energy Communities will not only be used for the installation of photovoltaic systems for household energy consumption, as 25 charging stations will be installed for electric vehicles for public and private access. To maximize their efficiency, they will be equipped with an intelligent system to optimize charging.


CELM aims to continuously improve the energy efficiency of the project facilities. In order to achieve this goal, it will implement a web and mobile platform that will monitor and control the energy generation in the photovoltaic installations. The MIWenergía application for Local Energy Communitieswill be a great option, as it meets the demands of the organization. Through the application, users will have access to key data of the solar installation, such as the savings derived from PV self-consumption and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Energy Communities: what are their benefits?

Local Energy Communities produce great economic, environmental and social benefits to society. On the one hand, users get to save an important part of their electricity bill without having to make an initial investment, without risk. On the other hand, the production of solar energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.


From MIWenerg√≠a we anticipate that the implementation of the CELM project will bring very good results to the society. We estimate that the 273 kWp photovoltaic installations, which will benefit more than 200 members, will generate 438,000 kWh of clean energy each year. This amount will not only be a major milestone for sustainability, but will also mean a combined saving of approximately ‚ā¨77,280 per year.

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